Swagger Bipod Hunter42

  • $229.00

The Hunter42 boasts an extension range from 9 3/4 to 41 1/4 inches and adapts to unique challenges of hunting from treestands, blinds, or any enclosure with an elevated window.  With the Hunter42, no matter where you hunt, you will always be ready, steady, and able to take a solid shot.
  • Assembled weight  25.78 oz
  • Most Effective Range 9 3/4" to 41 1/4"
  • Best for seated (on ground), seated (in chair) or kneeling shooting positions.

  • The extra length in the Hunter42 is great for seated/kneeling positions in extremely steep terrain.

  • You can easily remove rubber foot to reveal spiked foot helping you dig into your terrain
  • New Leg design and internal updates (2018)
  • Nitride finish springs and spring housing
  • Reinforced bungee
  • Each bipod comes with a standard rifle adapter