About Us

This is the official store for the TV show Coyote Country.  Coyote Country airs nationally on the Pursuit Channel, January through June.  Coyote Country is an inside look at the fast paced adventures of coyote hunting in the western United States. Coyote Country is centered on a husband, wife, and son hunting predators together, truly a family affair. You are encouraged to go along with us as we travel the western states in search of the always elusive coyote. Coyote Country brings the reality of predator hunting to the screen by hunting the same way you would.  We don’t pre-scout our setups, we call them as we find them, and the hunt is always fair chase. You will get a front seat view to experience the highs and lows, the successes and failures, as they really happen. While we mainly focus on coyote hunting, don’t be surprised to see us go after game animals or other predators.


At Predator Hunting World you will find the same gear used on the show as well as the official apparel of Coyote Country.  We also have exclusive products that are designed with the predator hunter in mind.